Bookmark gifts for child readers

Books make great holiday gifts for children, and so do special bookmarks tucked inside.  If you search online you will find hundreds of bookmarks, some to buy and some to make.  Here are a few that caught my eye, plus some “handcrafted” ones.

photo-of-book-mark-of-pen-pointPage Nibs are tiny metal book marks (one inch by ½ inch) shaped like the points of fountain pens. Children can move the bookmarks up and down a page as they read.  If children forget which line of text they have just read, using one of these line markers makes it easier to remember.  They’re also good for adults who want to know precisely where they left off reading on a given page.  Click on the “nibs” photo for more information.


Fingerprint Bookmark Bands are large rubber band-like book marks including a hand as part of the band. The hand’s index finger is pointed.  The whole thing can be slipped around an open book with the finger pointing to the line where the reader stopped.  Click on the “fingerprint” photo for more information.

houses-of-hogwart-bookmarksMetal bookmarks featuring the four houses of Hogwarts might thrill your Harry Potter readers. They along with other Harry Potter bookmarks are available from Amazon. Click on the “Harry Potter” bookmarks photo for more information.

photos-of-children-bookmarksFor the do-it-yourselfer, click on the photo at the left to find easy directions on how to create a bookmark out of a photo of a child.

Another do-it-yourselfer is a piece of cardboard (a cut up manila file will do) on which you write the child’s name and date at the top (for example, winter 2016-2017) and “Books read.” Underneath draw lines where the child can write the names of books read.  When filled in, save it in the child’s baby book.

Still another do-it-yourselfer is to trace the hand of your child at the beginning or end of every year or on every birthday. Trace the hand onto cardboard, write the date and the child’s name, and laminate.  Punch a hole through the top, and add a tassel.  Children love to measure their growth.

The child’s own signature on a card can make a great bookmark.  Laminate the card, and if you like, punch a hole and add a tassel.

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