“No Child Left Behind” law overturned by House; Senate expected to follow

sstudent filling in dots for testThe 2002 law that increased the US government’s role in education and mandated testing has been scrapped by the House of Representatives. If its replacement passes the Senate, as expected, “No Child Left Behind” (NCLB) will be replaced by a law which greatly reduces the federal government’s part in education and reduces the amount of tests US kids take. President Obama has indicated he would sign such an act.

This expected change in law does nothing to interfere with the Common Core State Standards which states can adopt or not as they see fit.  However, NCLB gave rise to the Common Core, and opposition to the Common Core and all its difficult testing has, in part, led to the end of “No Child Left Behind.”

Changes the new law would make include:

  • Schools would be less accountable to the federal government and more accountable to states and local school districts which would write their own standards for schools, students and teachers.
  • The US Education Department’s role would be reduced.
  • Students in public schools would need to be tested annually in math and English/language arts, and those scores would need to be published.
  • Schools would need programs to help low achieving students and schools.
  • Title 1 money for poor schools would continue.


What's your thinking on this topic?

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