Where can I find a good list of books for my child to read this summer?

If you are looking for appropriate summer reading for your child, may I suggest several lists of books for you to check out.


This website is an appendix of the Common Core State Standards. By grade level, many books, poems, stories and other kinds of reading are offered as exemplars, meaning these are good examples of the kinds of reading children should be doing. These are not the only readings that the Common Core standards recommend, but they are of the high quality that the Common Core is encouraging.

students taking out piles of books at the library




The above website contains nonfiction published by Scholastic, Inc., a respected children’s book publisher in the US. You can easily go to the appropriate grade level at this web site to find lists of books.


The above Teachers First website is offered as a service to teachers by The Source for Learning, a non-profit learning and technologies corporation. Scroll down to find 100 recommended books grouped by age level.


The above website is from the Association for Library Service to Children. Two years ago this organization put together annotated lists of books for children. The books are grouped by grade level and the list can be easily downloaded.

There are other lists compiled by the California Department of Education, the New York Public Library, religious groups and book publishers. If you go to your online search engine and search for “reading books for children by grade level,” you will find many sources of lists.

With hundreds of books to choose from, your child is sure to find many.

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