Choosing a mode of schooling in this pandemic

Are you trying to decide how to educate your children this coming school year?  My three grown children and their spouses face the same problem, and each has decided on a different answer.  And all their decisions seem good to me. Child Browsing the Web

My older sons’ two middle school children are starting school remotely for nine weeks.  After that, the family will reevaluate how to proceed.  The children finished the past school year remotely, so they are aware of that mode.  They also took a pre-algebra class this summer online, adding to their online learning experiences.  One or both parents will be working from home, so the kids will be supervised and will have adult help a few steps away if they need it.

My younger son’s child, an eager and independent learner, is starting first grade computer savvy and able to read.  He will attend public school remotely for the whole academic year.  His desk is situated just feet from his parents’ home office, where they work remotely in the computer industry. Plus his mother is a former teacher.  They expect their son to thrive with online learning.

My daughter’s two sons will attend a private school in person daily.  The older boy, starting first grade, finished kindergarten remotely, but he needed an adult by his side to keep him focused on his zoom lessons.  His mother and I have been working with him daily this summer to reinforce his reading and math skills.  The younger boy, three, is a highly social child who has missed his daycare teachers, friends and structured days.  The boys’ mother is a medical professional and their father is a deployed soldier.  Remote learning is not an option for these children.

Three different families, three different decisions on how to educate their children during this pandemic.  All good choices.

What's your thinking on this topic?

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