Reading Rainbow app attracts young readers

Do you remember watching Reading Rainbow as a child?  It’s the American PBS television series encouraging young children to read.  It was broadcast for 23 years, from 1983 to 2006, winning 26 Emmy Awards for “Outstanding Children’s Series.”  Today it is still watched on video in schools around the country and is available for sale.

Well, times change.  A year ago the Reading Rainbow app was released with new books reviewed, new toddler reading iPad miniadventures for host LeVar Burton and updated music.  Within 36 hours of its release, it became the number one educational app.  The Reading Rainbow app has been viewed 2.5 million times since then, with 50,000 digital books a week going into homes of subscribers.

Burton, who owns the rights to Reading Rainbow and has developed the app, says he has proven that kids will read on electronic devices.  The app contains a combination of animated characters, video field trips, music and of course, books—hundreds and hundreds of books.

The cost to subscribe is about $10 monthly.  The app is available on Apple operating systems of 5.0 or later.  Like the TV series, the app targets elementary school-aged children.

How about you?  Has your child tried this app?  Do you recommend it?  Or do you recommend another app to encourage reading for young children?  Please take a minute to let our blog readers know.

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