What’s behind the ‘Comic’ in ComicPhonics?

When reading is fun, readers stay engaged.  With a little silliness, even reluctant children may find reading enjoyable.  With that in mind, Mrs. A. has drawn some silly images to accompany easy reading phrases and sentences for your early readers.

Click on any one of the comics below and a full-size gallery will appear for you to page through, forward or backward. Your early reader might enjoy reading these comics online.   After viewing the gallery, it takes two steps to get back to my blog: first click a few times on the “back arrow” icon until comicphonics.com appears–or type comicphonics.com; then click on the “refresh” icon.

You can also download this gallery, save it to your computer for later viewing, or print up some 8-1/2 x 11 sheets.  Just click here on  Comic Phonics .    Enjoy.

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